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Digital Wallpaper Pack
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I love peacocks, truth be told I love animals, plants, and as my wife says "You are into everything". Taken on a trip to a local wildlife sanctuary, this beautiful bird was naturally photogenic! Laying down and basking in the sun, this image gives a warming feel to your device. Add it to your computer desktop, your phone and/or your watch. I love how the peacock seems to blend in with it's surrounding even though it's colours stand out loud and proud.

This pack consists of multiple images for specific devices, plus a higher resolution image for larger screens or those devices not shown.

Upon purchase you will receive a Zip file containing JPEG images for multiple devices. Each file is named with the device it is best suited for. If your device is not named you can find the nearest or take the full res JPEG and position it as you see fit.

NOTE: These images are not for printing.

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