Carpe Noctem

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The Death-Head Hawkmoth in many cultures represents an omen of death. It gets it's reputation from many different places and mainly due to two factors. The obvious being the skull like shape on its back, the other from its places of origin. There are actually three species in the genus Acherontia, which takes its name from the Acheron, the River of Pain in the underworld: A. styx, found in Asia, is named after the boundary river of Hades; A. lachesis, found in India and other parts of Asia, is named for the fate who measures the thread of life; and the best known of the bunch, A. atropos, found from Great Britain (at least in the warmer months) to South Africa, takes its name from the Fate that cuts the thread of life.

The moth reminds me to Seize the Night not just the day. Life is short, so let's measure the thread of life we produce and seize our own fate.

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