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Hello and welcome, I am pleased you are here. I created this podcast as a way to talk about topics that interest me. To add something to the world. I focus on personal issues, personal grow, beers, recipes, and a whole lot more. 

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005 - Depression, Listening, and More Beer
005 - Depression, Listening, and More B...
Depression Let's discuss the light/dark brain and inflammation that may cause depressive tendencies.  Listeni...
March 18, 2021
004 - Music, Creativity, Beer
004 - Music, Creativity, Beer
In this episode, I talk about Chillhop Music, Endel, Content Creation, and Beer. Check out, |...
February 08, 2021
003 - What are you doing?
003 - What are you doing?
In this episode I talk about my journaling journey, creativity, Clubhouse app, and two beautiful coffees. --- ...
January 31, 2021
002 - Just Start It
002 - Just Start It
In this episode I talk about: Journaling, Being in Pain, Education, and Two Teas. Featured in this episode are; Na...
January 24, 2021
001 - The Beginning
001 - The Beginning
In this episode I talk briefly about a major life event. Talk about a new product I feel will lead us into a more ...
January 17, 2021

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